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Welcome to the next level of guidance!ATC

ATC stands for Ag Technology Center It is an all-in-one Guidance System and is unlike anything in the market today.

We've taken the ease of use with our basic LTi system to the next level by adding features such as 3D color graphics and mapping while leaving some room for future upgradable capabilities.


ATC Screen1


ATC Screen2



ATC Screen3




bullet Realistic “virtual highway” guidance is as easy and intuitive as driving your car down the road. Use the high quality graphic display to anticipate curves and headlands.
bulletRecord of where-applied for mapping and field record keeping. Allows export to popular GIS systems. Print field maps without any special desktop software with just a click of your mouse. Calculate areas and application time. Log rates and products used. Easily record all your jobs and notes for recall the next time you are in the field.
bulletIntegrate with popular rate controlleres to show individual boom sections shut-off and coverage.
bulletAll in-one-design means more features with less cab clutter.




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