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    OnTrac 2


AutoFarm OnTrac 2

Simple and Reliable Hands-Free GPS Assisted Steering

Easy install. Reliable. Quiet. New OnTrac2 locks on and you roll -- with increased efficiency and productivity.

There’s no need to remove the steering wheel during install. The high-torque gear drive delivers the turning power needed to control the most demanding ag vehicles. It's the cost-effective solution to hands-free GPS assisted steering that eliminates skips and overlaps, lowers fuel consumption, expands the seasonal operating window and dramatically reduces operator stress and fatigue.

OnTrac2 "Lock 'n Roll" convenience makes it quick and easy to transfer across
multiple brands and types of vehicles – tractors, sprayers, spreaders, combines.


Powered by AutoFarm EDGE, ATC or AutoFarm Envizio Pro.
OnTrac2 offers mechanical steering for the ParaDyme roof module with the following AutoFarm Controllers: EDGE, INTEGRA and Viper Pro.
Switch Kit sectioned ring gear eliminates need to remove steering wheel.
Mechanical Drive Unit locks onto Switch Kit and OnTrac2 is ready to roll, no tools required to install or remove.
OnTrac2 offers the Lock 'n Roll convenience of hands-free GPS Assisted Steering on a full range of agricultural vehicles.


Lock OnTrac2 on, then Roll – Hands-Free
Whisper Quiet







In about 30 minutes and with basic tools, you can upgrade the ATC visual guidance system to the new OnTrac hands-free steering system.






Field experience shows a 25% reduction in inputs and an equal increase in productivity is achievable. Take all of your inputs, fuel, labor, and capital, add them up, and calculate the possible savings of 25%. In many cases these savings will allow the system to pay for itself in the first year!

Universal Design

OnTrac is designed to be installed on almost any tractor, sprayer, combine or other approved off-road vehicles.


The OnTrac can provide 2-4 inch pass-to-pass accuracy using Omnistar HP corrections or 6-12 inch pass-to-pass accuracy using WAAS DGPS corrections.


The rugged design of the OnTrac 2 will provide years of dependable service and safe operation.




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