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AutoFarm AFTracker

The World's First GPS Guided Implement Steering System!!!AF Tracker Full

AutoFarm AFTracker is a GPS steering system for towed and hitched implements. This extension of the AutoFarm RTK AutoSteer vehicle steering system actively steers both the vehicle and the implement.




AF Ttracker Demo

AFTracker helps growers minimize yield losses caused by drifting implements in uneven soil conditions, sidehills, planting beds and contours.

AutoFarm delivers the next level of performance by putting precision GPS accuracy and repeatability directly into the ground where it counts
most at the implement.



bulletReduce costs while improving yields
bulletReduces crop damage and compaction
bulletConfidently move to larger equipment
bulletFewer passes saves time, fuel and depreciation
bulletGPS precision control of towed implements
bulletEliminates drift in variable soils, curved paths, more
bulletUnmatched control in the most demanding conditions


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